Online Bank Payments with Veem

        Service and B2B businesses often have large invoices and don't want to lose 3% of their revenue by accepting credit card payments. Veem is the perfect platform to allow your customers to easily pay their invoices using ACH bank transfers. Want some even better news? Veem transfers and check payments within the United States and Canada are FREE! 

        Already Have a Veem Account? Need a Veem Account?
        Great! Connect Odoo to Veem with our Veem Online Payments app on the Odoo App Store and follow the installation instructions.

        Receive a $50 payment when you open a new Veem account and connect it to Odoo.

        Starting a new Veem account is quick and easy and requires no commitments. Steps to qualify:

        1) Open a new account with Veem

        2) Purchase our Veem Online Payments app on the Odoo App Store

        3) Forward both confirmation emails to

        Once the proper details are confirmed we will issue a Veem payment for $50.00 USD to the Veem account you just opened.*

        *Limit 1 per Veem Online Payments app purchase, restrictions may apply.