Odoo for Small Business

With an installed base of over 5 million users, Odoo is the single unified platform to meet all of your business needs. 

30 Day Free Trial


Priced Right, Easy to Get Started

We can get your business up and running with a 30 day free trial. No long term commitments, you pay monthly only for the apps that you need.

Quote to Cash on One Platform

Create customers, write up sales orders, collect payment and ship with any carrier within minutes. No need to sync with your accounting system, Odoo IS your accounting system!

Integrated E-commerce

Odoo e-commerce capabilities rival the main leading platforms at a fraction of the cost and effort because it's inherently connected to your inventory, customers and accounting.

Inventory Management

Whether your inventory needs are simple or advanced, Odoo will take the pain out of inventory management. Get started in minutes with an Excel import. Lot and Serial Numbered inventory supported as well.

Service Businesses 

Service businesses have some of the most complex requirements out there. Odoo will help you get organized and streamlined with sales orders or appointments that link to staff that link to their submitted timesheets that link to invoices and payment. Email marketing and reminders, appointment scheduling, staff scheduling and more are all available as native functionality in Odoo if you need them.

Reporting and Analytics

When your whole business runs on a single platform tailored to your exact needs, then you finally get the analytics and insight that you've been hoping for. Link Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) to income so that you can see your profitability by product, customer, line of business and more.

Fully Functional 30-Day Free Trial

Test drive Odoo using one of our pre-configured installations. Instantly try out real-world situations.